Competition is GREAT

If there’s something I’ve learned in life is that competition is GREAT… in every aspect of life. Competition by definition is: the act or process of trying to get or win something such as a prize or a higher level of success someone else is also trying to get or win. Truth is, sometimes the best competition is within ourselves, but it is also true that sometimes we become comfortable in our comfort zone, because there is nothing or no one to compare ourselves with.


So… have I always seen competition this way? No. Competition is like a breakup, just because you survived one doesn’t mean the next one won’t hurt the same, to the contrary, you hurt the same or in many occasions, more. The difference is, that you know it will pass and everything will be BETTER (not OK, BETTER). When competition arises the first emotion is probably frustration, then comes acceptance and then comes transformation. Because the fact of the matter is: if you don’t have that competition, you will never feel that urge to push further and become better. Use competition as your motivation. 


When the pressure of competition arises the first thing you need to analyze is what do YOU have that sets you apart, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. Now, keep training your strengths at a steady pace and get those weaknesses and tackle them head on. Put in the extra time… yeah, that what sets the successful apart from the conformists. But YOU have to put the effort. Don’t sit back and expect somebody else to do your work, the pleasure comes from the struggle, from the process, and the sweat.


There’s nothing that pisses me off more than to hear people complain on how it’s unfair that they let someone else in on something. Listen, if you think an RX competitor is in the scale division and that is unfair, prove them wrong, work to becomes the best scale competitor and then move up (always aim higher). If you think the opening of a big chain store will crush your small business… it will! Unless you innovate and become BETTER. Remember, NOBODY started big. All the big shots started small and climbed their way up.


Embrace the fight and always see it as the challenge that will make you BETTER.