What are you wearing?

Wearing the right workout clothes is as important as working out, since it will influence your performance, mobility, comfort and motivation.

So how can you make sure that you are wearing the right type of clothing?

Here are a couple of basic tips:


  1. The right fabric: Depending on the type of workout that you will perform comes the right type of fabric. Typically you should choose fabrics that provide wicking (draw sweat away from your body). You might think this means “Dri Fit” automatically, well it doesn’t. Dri FIT® is a marketing term created by NIKE to sell a specific fabric made up of cotton, polyester and spandex that does indeed provide wicking. Nevertheless, it also includes fabrics such as SUPPLEX, which is anti-abrasion, breathable, holds shape, anti-tear, waterproof, dries fast, retains color and can be UV protective (awesome huh?). For those cotton lovers, cotton or any mixed fabric containing cotton is also good specially in workouts that won’t drench you in sweat, otherwise the cotton will get wet and will stay so longer in comparison to the other fabrics. There are also SUPPLEX products that are mixed with cotton offering that smoothness of cotton with the elasticity and anti-humidity characteristics of SUPPLEX.
  2. The right fit: Fit is important for many reasons. The first reason is comfort. You need to choose clothing that you like, and that you feel comfortable in. If you want to have a good performance you can’t feel insecure. So if you don’t feel comfortable in shorts, wear longer pants, if you don’t feel comfortable in tight tops then wear loose styles. Whatever works for you, go with it.

The second reason why fitting is so important is that it will affect your performance. If you’re going to practice yoga go for tighter fitting clothes so poses flow with more sleekness. You don’t want to have a wide blouse blocking your movements or eyesight during a pose. On the other hand, if you’re in for a cardio workout opt for shorts for better mobility and less heat; and for weightlifting maybe capris or long pants to protect your legs from scraping. So look at the type of workout you’re going to take on and choose the clothing that’s more appropriate for a good performance.

  1. Attractiveness: Choose clothing that you find attractive. Why? Because it motivates you. Looking good makes people feel good and if you’re feeling good odds are you will perform better. Ever ask yourself why fitness addicts spend more on gym clothes than on regular clothes? Same reason you spend on regular clothes! Because it makes them feel good, look good and they want to be seen in them!
  2. Wear the correct undergarments: Yes… Please do not wear granny panties with tight pants. I mean, I’m not saying wear a thong everyday if that’s not your thing, but there are plenty of seamless panties nowadays! And guess what ladies; the fabric used in seamless panties nylon/spandex) is actually better for working out than your usual cotton choice. Why? Well you sweat, creating humidity… and you don’t want to keep humid down there do you? Seamless underpants dry more rapidly keeping things in check. ;)


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