9 Feelings CROSSFITTERS know all too well.

If you practice the sport of Crossfit, you know the emotional rollercoaster your go through every single day inside or outside your Box.

Here’s a couple you might relate to:

1. Complete Disbelief or sometimes just Utter Disgust- This happens right when they announce the WOD (Workout of the day) Ex. 50 Thrusters, 40 Wall Balls, 30 S2O, 20…

2. Annoyed- Yeah, annoyed every time you hear your coach say- “you can go heavier”, “You can do it RX”…

3. Unicorn Joy- Flamboyant happiness due to the fact that you achieve a new PR (Personal Record)!!! Silly dances usually follow.

4. Creepy Joy- Every time they announce a Team WOD, this is what you feel and transmit to your “workout BFF” with one simple look.

5. Embarrassing Awkwardness- Every time they announce a Team WOD and your partner IS NOT THERE!!! You suddenly become the last one standing, with no partner... #tragedy

6. Inner Self-consuming Anger- Yes… Every time your coach decides to stand in front of you to count your reps. Why don’t you just go and count someone else’s reps?

7. “Can’t Reach You” Frustration- Trying to keep up with the “competition” when you just really want to lay down and die.

8. Just Plain Awkward- Yes… By know some of you are used to using the roller after a workout, but you must remember how you felt at the beginning. You feel like you look like this:

9. “Fuck this” Uselessness- Feeling you get after leg day.


We have all learned to love every single one of these emotions and CHOOSE to continue experiencing them everyday. God Bless Crossfit and all the masochist crossfitters around the world. :)