How to Make Your Resolution Stick

How’s your New Year Resolution going?

We are 2 weeks in and if you haven’t started, what are you waiting for? And… if you have… how are you holding up?

If you followed our tips on the Starter Kit (link below) you should be doing fine and starting to feel great by now.

In order for you to stick to it we have gathered additional tips that we feel are helpful. We will also be posting workouts that you could do at home and yummy healthy recipes to keep you motivated.

1. Get the Brand New Spark: whether it’s for the kitchen or for the gym, get your hands on new products that will motivate you to cook and workout. We all know that no matter if you have a grocery list, you always buy more stuff at the grocery store because we get motivated to cook when we see something yummy. Same goes to working out, you are more inclined to get off your butt if you have a cute new gym outfit to wear.

2. Good Ol’ Patience: seeing results is not as easy as we would want it to be. Nevertheless, focus on the way you feel. Exercise releases dopamine, which gives you energy and a makes you happy. Good food also boosts your energy and betters your complexion. Finds those other perks and focus on them as well. It’s a great way to start “seeing” results.

3. Keep Track: Start keeping track of your meals and workouts. If you follow the “don’t go 3 days without exercise” plan keep an alarm or a note on the days you need to workout as well as your meals (so you know when a cheat meal is appropriate ;)

4. Get Social: Try to get people from your inner circle, whether its friends, family or significant other, to tag along with you. It’s easier to maintain your resolution if you have a support system. It also makes it 10x more fun!

Make it stay and make it fun! Happy new year and new you!


If you missed the New Year Starter Kit, see it here: