I workout so I can EAT

I’ve been asked many times the reason I work out, or what motivates me the most. My answer has always been the same: So I can eat and drink whatever I want when I want it.

Truth be told I am well aware of the fact that I will never have the ripped competition bikini body because the women who work for this have very specific diets meant to rip you and give you the necessary nutrients your body needs to perform and look that way. The same with competing Crossfit athletes; women tend to think that if they join Crossfit, their bodies will grow and look manly. These competing athletes work hard AF training to be there, odds are you won’t put in the same effort, therefore your body changes will be proportional to your body type. These athletes also have very specific diets that are meant to replenish muscle tissue and boost performance.

Bottom line, I don’t eat to get the necessary nutrients for any workout, I want to love what I’m eating and enjoy it.

Nevertheless, it is NOT the same to say: I work out so I can eat anything I want to saying I work out as punishment to what I eat.

I have found a perfect balance between what I eat and the exercise I do in order to have a healthy body weight and love the way I look. My goal and my reason is to maintain that balance. 

Working out is meant to improve our health emotionally and physically. The purpose of working out is not to lose weight unless that is your personal goal. Exercise is meant to help your body reach its full potential and therefore keep all your body functions healthy.

The goal should always be to be healthy. Being fit, skinny, or muscular come secondary.