Let’s talk about juicing

In the past couple of years juice bars have been popping out everywhere and the whole juicing fad has taken over. This fad as well as the yogurt fad that came right before has, like everything, good things and bad things.

To assume that because you are consuming more fruits and veggies it’s instantly healthier is not entirely true. As most things, a “very healthy” meal has to do with the meal itself and how you incorporate it in your daily life. What I mean with this is: because yogurt is healthy does not mean you should eat it everyday in addition to your other meals. If you do this, yogurt itself becomes a dessert instead of a meal, which is the “healthy” way of having yogurt. (And please don’t have your yogurt with cookie dough, cereal, sprinkles, and all those sugary treats, it completely defeats the purpose)

Juicing is a bit different. Most people don’t consume their daily-recommended portions of fruits and veggies, therefore incorporating an organic juice, like the ones offered in these new juice bars, might be a good idea. Nevertheless, this juice should be considered as a crucial part of your lunch (not as a beverage or water) or as a SUBSTITUTE to your afternoon snack. Juices are high in sugar so although you are fueling up on fruits and veggies you are also having a dose of sugar and this has to be taken into consideration.

What about juice detoxes?

A lot of people rave about them and talk about how amazing and purified their bodies feel afterwards. Nevertheless, these detoxes have no proven health benefits. Meaning, a juice detox of 2-3 days has no proven negative or positive outcomes on your body, that’s why doctors are not openly condoning them. Juicing for 2-3 days won’t have mayor consequences on your health, but you will definitely feel a difference. The sudden increase in sugar intake from fruits and the absence of enough protein, carbohydrates and fiber will maybe make you experience some jitters and a light headed feeling, followed by some crashes due to that same sugar high. You might start feeling completely HANGRY because let’s face it… you’re used to stuffing yourself with other foods and nutrients that you will most probably be depriving your body from in the days you “cleanse”.

Our verdict? Make organic juices part of your weekly routine as snacks or as part of a full breakfast. And if you still want to do a juice detox, knock yourself out! But do them for 2-3 days where there are no proven health complications.

Otherwise, have it like I like... with a shot of vodka. Cheers!




**Anyone with any health issue, diabetes or eating disorder should consult a doctor before trying a detox.