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What are you wearing?

Wearing the right workout clothes is as important as working out, since it will influence your performance, mobility, comfort and motivation. So how can you make sure that you are wearing the right type of clothing? Here are a couple of basic tips:   The right fabric: Depending on the type of workout that you will perform comes the right type of fabric. Typically you should choose fabrics that provide wicking (draw sweat away from your body). You might think this means “Dri Fit” automatically, well it doesn’t. Dri FIT® is a marketing term created by NIKE to sell a specific fabric made up of cotton, polyester and spandex that does indeed provide wicking. Nevertheless, it also includes fabrics such...

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Competition is GREAT

If there’s something I’ve learned in life is that competition is GREAT… in every aspect of life. Competition by definition is: the act or process of trying to get or win something such as a prize or a higher level of success someone else is also trying to get or win. Truth is, sometimes the best competition is within ourselves, but it is also true that sometimes we become comfortable in our comfort zone, because there is nothing or no one to compare ourselves with.   So… have I always seen competition this way? No. Competition is like a breakup, just because you survived one doesn’t mean the next one won’t hurt the same, to the contrary, you hurt the...

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