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What are you wearing?

Wearing the right workout clothes is as important as working out, since it will influence your performance, mobility, comfort and motivation. So how can you make sure that you are wearing the right type of clothing? Here are a couple of basic tips:   The right fabric: Depending on the type of workout that you will perform comes the right type of fabric. Typically you should choose fabrics that provide wicking (draw sweat away from your body). You might think this means “Dri Fit” automatically, well it doesn’t. Dri FIT® is a marketing term created by NIKE to sell a specific fabric made up of cotton, polyester and spandex that does indeed provide wicking. Nevertheless, it also includes fabrics such...

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Weightlifting: Every girl’s nightmare.

It is a common belief that if women work out with weights their bodies will become bulky. Why? Truth is we tend to see everything black and white instead of all the shades of grey in between. We see a skinny model and assume she only does cardio and see the professional weightlifter or Crossfit athlete as the definition of a woman who weightlifts. Weightlifting will give you a body like that if that’s what you want and work for, otherwise weights will help you: burn fat more efficiently, strengthen muscles, reduce symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pains, and depression, and help you sleep better. Now…. Do you really want to skip on having all those benefits because...

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