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9 Feelings CROSSFITTERS know all too well.

If you practice the sport of Crossfit, you know the emotional rollercoaster your go through every single day inside or outside your Box. Here’s a couple you might relate to: 1. Complete Disbelief or sometimes just Utter Disgust- This happens right when they announce the WOD (Workout of the day) Ex. 50 Thrusters, 40 Wall Balls, 30 S2O, 20… 2. Annoyed- Yeah, annoyed every time you hear your coach say- “you can go heavier”, “You can do it RX”… 3. Unicorn Joy- Flamboyant happiness due to the fact that you achieve a new PR (Personal Record)!!! Silly dances usually follow. 4. Creepy Joy- Every time they announce a Team WOD, this is what you feel and transmit to your “workout BFF”...

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What are you wearing?

Wearing the right workout clothes is as important as working out, since it will influence your performance, mobility, comfort and motivation. So how can you make sure that you are wearing the right type of clothing? Here are a couple of basic tips:   The right fabric: Depending on the type of workout that you will perform comes the right type of fabric. Typically you should choose fabrics that provide wicking (draw sweat away from your body). You might think this means “Dri Fit” automatically, well it doesn’t. Dri FIT® is a marketing term created by NIKE to sell a specific fabric made up of cotton, polyester and spandex that does indeed provide wicking. Nevertheless, it also includes fabrics such...

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I won’t beat my addiction

I had never fallen into addiction in my life, until 2013, I fell hard. I found a drug that kept me hooked, that made me feel amazing while doing it, made me feel amazing afterwards and started to hurt when I couldn’t do it. It became my escape, the only way I could deal with stress, what triggered my crying and eventually filled me with smiles and love for myself. Whenever it wasn’t available I tried to substitute it with whatever was available, and when I found no time I felt like I was failing my body.  People warned me about it, they said, once you start you will get hooked. But I wanted to try it for myself, I...

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