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9 Feelings CROSSFITTERS know all too well.

If you practice the sport of Crossfit, you know the emotional rollercoaster your go through every single day inside or outside your Box. Here’s a couple you might relate to: 1. Complete Disbelief or sometimes just Utter Disgust- This happens right when they announce the WOD (Workout of the day) Ex. 50 Thrusters, 40 Wall Balls, 30 S2O, 20… 2. Annoyed- Yeah, annoyed every time you hear your coach say- “you can go heavier”, “You can do it RX”… 3. Unicorn Joy- Flamboyant happiness due to the fact that you achieve a new PR (Personal Record)!!! Silly dances usually follow. 4. Creepy Joy- Every time they announce a Team WOD, this is what you feel and transmit to your “workout BFF”...

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