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10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

We often find ourselves running around with a thousand things on our minds, putting everything and everyone before ourselves, that we forget that we can’t really give our 100% if we, ourselves, are not up to par.  It's time to treat yourself with some much deserved time to recharge, to take care and nourish your body and soul. Here are a few ideas on how to do it!

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Let’s talk about juicing

In the past couple of years juice bars have been popping out everywhere and the whole juicing fad has taken over. This fad as well as the yogurt fad that came right before has, like everything, good things and bad things. To assume that because you are consuming more fruits and veggies it’s instantly healthier is not entirely true. As most things, a “very healthy” meal has to do with the meal itself and how you incorporate it in your daily life. What I mean with this is: because yogurt is healthy does not mean you should eat it everyday in addition to your other meals. If you do this, yogurt itself becomes a dessert instead of a meal, which...

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