Your New Year’s Resolution Starter Kit

We’ve all been guilty of promising ourselves to start the New Year with some healthy lifestyle resolution.

As that same sentence says- it’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

So… how can you make this New Year Resolution stick?

The secret is to take it day by day and follow steps that will help create that new lifestyle routine instead of diving head first into a strict regimen and diet never before done that will last 2 weeks tops.

Here’s our recommendation:

1. Google, Pick & Choose: Whether is workout, eat clean or both, Google it. It’s important to be informed about what you’re about to do in order to do it correctly and eventually just make it easy. For example, Google healthy recipes and save the ones you like to shop for the right ingredients. If its exercise, Google the kind you like and save those workouts that you want to do. Or even better look for progressions if you’re someone who is just starting or coming back to working out. Ease yourself into this new lifestyle.

2. Clean up and Stock up: Open your fridge and your pantry and yes… throw away all bad decisions. All candy, chips, fatty pastas, etc. You will replace these with healthy choices you have already chosen and Googled in step 1. Also, set some rules to help yourself keep active. For example, decide how many days a week you will workout, limit the hours you binge on Netflix, etc.

3. Food first: Start with making better food choices for the first 2 weeks, have your body adapt to the new food choices before going all out on exercise. You can take walks or do brief workouts that don’t overwhelm you. The odds of getting dizzy the first week are high. Food is fuel for the body and if you are making changes to that fuel, your body will be fast to notice and send you signals. Take it easy.

*TRY to: Keep alcohol to 1-2 days a week (3 drinks or less), and have 1-3 cheat meals a week (NOT DAYS… meals)

4. Start Sweating: After 2 weeks of training your body and making it adapt to this new clean and healthy food plan you can start building your workouts up. Maybe join fitness classes, a personal trainer or pushing yourself past your comfort zone. If you feel a bit sore the next day, good. Try working out 3-5 days a week, and follow the no three days without exercise rule. (1-2 rest days only in between your next session)


Stay tuned for more advice on sticking to that resolution! 2022 is ready for you!